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Isabella Moderator

The First Annual Who Muse Love/Friending Meme!


This meme is a place to post your Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Smith muses, and guess what you get? You get LOVE! You can get new FRIENDS! You can get COMPLIMENTS! You can win a MILLION DOLLARS!


Okay, the last one is a fib. But the love is good, right?

The rules are easy!

1. Post your own comment with the name of the character in the subject line, and the username of the character in the comment. You can even add the communities that you play in!

2. Then, people can comment to you, telling you that you are the awesome Who muse that you are! They can say hello, and you can make new Who friends!

3. This is a positive place, so don't put negative stuff here. Keep it friendly, and keep it wank free. Don't make us send a wank-Dalek in to exterminate!

PIMP! Put this in your muse's journal, and tell people to come over and say hello!

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